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Uehara-kun seems to be hurt by the intimate couples surrounding the fountain. Well, even though I felt bad for him, I still think that he is just trying to make up with chatting.”

“Perhaps this is because I played a lot of games, but I feel like being able to participate in an entertaining event together with your loved ones is happier than simply being together.”

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Somehow, I started thinking about my little brother. He’s close to me because we are in the same family, but I think I will enjoy my time with him more if I played games with him instead of just hanging out aimlessly.

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Will the same thing occurs if it’s between Tendou-san and me?

“Even so-“ I guess Uehara-kun can sense my confusion, he gave me a slightly bitter smile before continuing.

“Well, I think you need to plan your first date properly if you wish to close the distance with her.”

“That’s true. Like I’ve said before, I was the one who invited Tendou-san.”

“Yeah, that’s the point. Hey, you can sometimes act like a man in weird situations.”

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“Eh? D-Do I? I am feeling quite embarrassed when you praised me-“

“You seem calm, but you would often ignore the consequence and went straight into it. You pretend to be gentle, but you are actually an asshole who prioritize emotion more than anything else…”

“You weren’t praising me at all!”

“Hey, your analysis is correct. However, you failed at the critical dating part; you weren’t supposed to come here wholly unprepared even if you wanted to discuss it with a friend. Like, dude, I can’t give you anything if you don’t even have a script.”

Uehara-kun sat on the bench and acted like some kind of a producer or director. He does have a point, though, so I just brought my knee caps together sheepishly.

“I’m sorry. Well…I have considered this before, but instead of me giving useless ideas, can Master Uehara give me a start boost first?”

“What the hell? You are asking someone to help with your own date, are you serious, kid?”