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Lin Wan pondered for a while and decided to contact the staff in charge of Shenhua’s application store. She sent a message to ask about the chart.

The response came almost immediately.

“Director Lin, those are real figures! I thought it was incredible as well, but I just checked with my technical staff. The game made it to top ten on the charts in a single day!

“That’s crazy. I’ve been in charge of Shenhua’s application store for so long, and I’ve seen many explosive games. However, I’ve never seen anything like this!

“I’m going to open two more recommendation spots right now!”

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Even through the cell phone screen, Lin Wan could sense that the staff was pleasantly surprised as well.

It was natural.

A single sentence from Boss Yu and the staff had to create so many recommendation spots for the former’s little sister. Although she could not say anything out loud, she must have been cursing in his heart.

People had to pay for these recommendation spots!

Of course, the staff would not have received the money. However, these figures were akin to his report card. Just giving away these recommendation spots for free would affect his own achievements and bonuses.

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He had to forcefully push down many other games and applications in order to give Bloody Battle Song that many recommendation spots. If Bloody Battle Song’s figures turned out to be bad, the platform would lose out in the long term.

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However, in one day alone, Bloody Battle Song’s figures managed to blow up to such an extent. The situation was completely different. The staff could not even wait to give Bloody Battle Song more recommendation spots in order to maximize its exposure!

Lin Wan finally felt relieved when she heard the staff’s response.

Ever since they began researching and developing Bloody Battle Song: The Powerful Version, they had experienced many difficulties and setbacks. All the anxiety she felt dissipated at that moment. Lin Wan felt like the clouds had finally parted, and the sun was finally shining bright.

She had not let Boss Pei down. She had not given up on her own dreams.