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This person would be too naive and young.

Pei Qian did not want to start a huge debate with Old Pei about ‘whether games were mental opium or not’ if he was really found out.

After checking himself and his belongings, Pei Qian found that everything was in order. Pei Qian then walked to the apartment, took out his key, and opened the door. Once he entered, he immediately smelled an aroma of cooked food.

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“Son, you’re back?” Pei Qian’s mom, who was cooking in the kitchen, heard the door open and asked as she continued cooking.

“Young brat is back? Come, come. Come and savor the tea leaves that your big uncle had specially brought back.” Old Pei was just arranging the tea set on the table.

It was still a familiar sight; nothing had changed. It seemed as if he had returned to ten years ago. Pei Qian noticed that at that time, his parents did not have so much white hair.

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“I’ll put my bag down first. Where are my slippers?”

“I’ve kept them for you. Old Pei, go into the cabinet and take out your son’s slippers! I’m quite busy now,” Mom shouted from the kitchen.

Old Pei begrudgingly got up from the sofa. “Which cabinet?”

“The bottom of the closet in Son’s room!”

Pei Qian changed into his slippers, placed down his bag, and leaned into the sofa.


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Although this sofa at home wasn’t that expensive, it actually felt so much more comfortable than the tens of thousands of yuan sofa in the company guest room! Home-cooked food smelled so much better than the few-hundred-yuan buffet that he had eaten before during cohesion!

As for the tea leaves at home…

Pfft, what lousy tea leaves!

Pei Qian took a sip of this special tea that Old Pei said some big uncle had specially brought back as he almost spat it out.

It was so hard to drink!

He drank good tea in the company daily, and his taste buds had been spoiled; he found it so hard to drink this ordinary tea.

“How is it? This tea is not bad, right?” Old Pei sipped his tea as he smiled and asked.