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“Collect materials for a while before starting on a new book. What else can I do?”

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“What if the readers criticize you?”

“Just don’t read the comments.”

Pei Qian, “Then, I’ll talk to Ma Yiqun to let you leave the study class and find another job. What do you think?”

Cui Geng had some doubts. Boss Pei asked me to leave the study class to find another job? Why?

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Boss Pei saw my work ability and is asking me to take charge of a certain department under him?

Impossible, I’m just a web novelist. What work ability would I have?

Could it be possible... that Boss Pei wants to arrange a position for me so that I can better collect materials?

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Cui Geng nodded. “Of course, that would be

Pei Qian examined closely and found that Cui Geng replied to all his questions except the last without thinking. There was also firm light in his eyes.

Pei Qian was very happy. He was definitely trainable!

He picked up the wine glass and took a sip, thinking about how he could use this talent.

There were many problematic departments in Tengda Corporation now. The hardworking spirit had been reversed to a certain extent after the recent Tengda spirit compatibility test, but the speed of change was still too slow.