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That was most shocking to Boss Li because he knew that Boss Pei had teacups and teapots in his office. He also often went to Fish-Catching Internet Cafe for coffee.

Did he only drink hot water at home, then?

Li Shi would never have thought that Boss Pei lived in a place like that!

Compared to Boss Li’s mansion, Boss Pei’s apartment was akin to the accommodation of one who lived his life in self-denial.

Li Shi sipped his hot water. For some reason, an ordinary glass of water tasted exceptionally good in such an environment.

Perhaps it was an illusion.

At that moment, Li Shi noticed a black box on the table, which took up about half of the space. The entire living room had very few decorations, and so the black box on the table was particularly eye-catching.

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Pei Qian’s heart thumped.

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‘This is bad!’

Zhang Wang had sent him a Fully-Automated Bickering Machine earlier, and Pei Qian had left it there the entire time!

It was mainly because Pei Qian had not expected to host any guests. By the time Boss Li arrived, he had forgotten that the Fully-Automated Bickering Machine was still on the table.

What should he do?

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The cogs in Boss Pei’s mind turned quickly.

Should he tell Boss Li that this was nothing, or should he quickly take it and hide it away? No, it would be obvious that he was trying to cover something up.