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"'The Baronne de Thaller's, I was told.'

"He seemed a little surprised, but at once,"Have you seen that lady, or caused her to be seen in your behalf?'

"Have you heard from her in any manner?'

"A smile came back upon his lips.

"Luckily for you I am here,' be said. 'Several times already I havecalled; but you were too unwell to hear me. Now that you are better,listen.'

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"And thereupon, taking a chair, he commenced to explain hisprofession to me.

"He was a sort of broker; and accidents were his specialty. Assoon as one took place, he was notified by some friends of his atpolice headquarters. At once he started in quest of the victim,overtook her at home or at the hospital, and offered his services.

For a moderate commission he undertook, if needs be, to recoverdamages. He commenced suit when necessary; and, if he thought thecase tolerably safe, he made advances. He stated, for instance,that my case was a plain one, and that he would undertake to obtainfour or five thousand francs, at least, from Mme. de Thaller. Allhe wanted was my power of attorney. But, in spite of his pressinginstances, I declined his offers; and he withdrew, very muchdispleased, assuring me that I would soon repent.

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"Upon second thought, indeed, I regretted to have followed the firstinspiration of my pride, and the more so, that the good sisters whomI consulted on the subject told me that I was wrong, and that myreclamation would be perfectly proper. At their suggestion, I thenadopted another line of conduct, which, they thought, would as surelybring about the same result.

"As briefly as possible, I wrote out the history of my life fromthe day I had been left with the gardeners at Louveciennes. I addedto it a faithful account of my present situation; and I addressedthe whole to Mme. de Thaller.

"You'll see if she don't come before a day or two,' said the sisters.

"They were mistaken. Mme. de Thaller came neither the next nor thefollowing days; and I was still awaiting her answer, when, onemorning, the doctor announced that I was well enough to leave thehospital.

I cannot say that I was very sorry. I had lately made theacquaintance of a young workwoman, who had been sent to the hospitalin consequence of a fall, and who occupied the bed next to mine.

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She was a girl of about twenty, very gentle, very obliging, and whoseamiable countenance had attracted me from the first.

"Like myself, she had no parents. But she was rich, very rich. Sheowned the furniture of the room, a sewing-machine, which had costher three hundred francs, and, like a true child of Paris, sheunderstood five or six trades, the least lucrative of which yieldedher twenty-five or thirty cents a day. In less than a week, we hadbecome good friends; and, when she left the hospital,"'Believe me,' she said: 'when you come out yourself, don't wasteyour time looking for a place. Come to me: I can accommodate you.

I'll teach you what I know; and, if you are industrious, you'll makeyour living, and you'll be free.'