The Internet can do to make money writing fiction

The Internet can do to make money writing fiction

Dream Realization Ventures. He Desheng and Pei Qian were the only ones in the conference room. However, there were more than ten small video windows on the projector screen.

He Desheng said, “Boss Pei, everyone is here. Shall we start the meeting now?”

Pei Qian sipped his tea. “Yes, let’s begin.”

Pei Qian had come to Dream Realization Ventures today at He Desheng’s request.

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Until now, Dream Realization Ventures had strictly followed the rules set by Pei Qian. They had invested in about ten companies, and each company’s investment limit ranged from one million to two million yuan.

He Desheng had decided on the investment amount based on the scale of these companies and the general amount of funds needed to start the business model.

To put it simply, if the company was a start-up and the business model did not require that much money, He Desheng would have invested less.

Since it was strictly first come, first served, the first group of companies to invest were mainly start-ups. After all, these companies needed money the most, and they were the first to seek investment.

If one of the companies in the first few companies made money, He Desheng would sell the shares of those companies as per Boss Pei’s request and continue to look for the next company in line to invest.

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If all the companies did not make money... Boss Pei would celebrate the occasion with champagne.

Dream Realization Ventures might have invested money but they had arranged a special finance for each company to supervise their daily expenses. They would also hold remote meetings regularly to report the financial situation.

These finance employees were all old employees of Tengda. They had been baptized by the Tengda spirit. They would receive generous subsidies after being deployed. At the same time, their financial statements would be supervised by Tengda’s finance department.

It was not entirely impossible to be bribed, but the possibility was very low.

The first video window showed a female finance officer in her thirties with short hair and a pair of glasses. She was a core employee of Tengda. She was the most senior and had the best business capabilities among all the finance personnel who had been deployed.

Her name was Jing Haibing, and she was in charge of the finance of the Cold-Faced Lady.