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Didn’t that align with Pei Qian’s requirements completely?

Pei Qian immediately answered, “Don’t worry, Teacher. Count on me. Why don’t you send me the name list? Perhaps I will inform them to come down to the company for an interview.”

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Zhang Wei did not expect Pei Qian to agree so quickly. “Ah, alright.”

After exchanging some more pleasantries, Pei Qian hung up.

Soon after, Zhang Wei sent these people’s resumes to Pei Qian via email.

The pouring rain began to get stronger.

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Having taken the time to cool her head and come to terms with her own feelings, Nanase spoke with a heavy tone.

“It’s my loss… Ayanokōji-senpai.”

“Can I take that to mean you’re finally convinced?”

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“Yes. It seems that, despite my best efforts, it truly isn’t possible for me to beat you Senpai.”

Having been seen through to her very core, she seemed resigned, as if all the spite and malice from earlier had been drained away.

Making her stand down without laying a finger on her had, in a way, been successful.

“If possible, how about you explain everything in detail? Why were you targeting me? If we don’t clear this up, there will be several issues later.”

“That’s fair. You have a right to know─ No, I want you to know, Senpai.”

She sat down as she spoke, having lost the strength to stay standing any longer.

While her movements hadn’t been those of an ordinary person, it still didn’t seem like she was the White Room student.