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Apologizing, Kanzaki turned his back on us and started walking.

“Kanzaki, where does B class have their base camp?”

I didn’t know if he was going to tell us, but I tried asking. Kanzaki then turned back and replied without reluctance.

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“There are large crooked trees on the way back to the beach when going along the road from here. There is a camping ground where B class stays when heading into the forest southwest from there. You won’t get lost when you enter into large trees. Tell her I won’t mind if she comes in need.“

He left saying this. Hirata exchanged curious look with me.

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“They were friends. But what does he mean by telling her?”

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“Hmm, what could that mean…”

Kanzaki, Ichinose and Horikita were once cooperating due to the previous false accusation. Perhaps he thinks they’re still in good terms.

“Did you come spying D class to see how we used our points?”

There was no doubt that was one of the purposes after seeing a discomfort look on his face. He could check with certainty regarding our points consumption by only seeing the number of toilets, showers and tents. However, that isn’t only the only thing they wanted to know. They probably wanted to know who’s the leader of the class. The right of owning a spot expires every 8 hours, which means it was possible they calculated backwards and aimed for time update. But of course, we predicted that too. For that reason, by purposely postponing the second update yesterday the ownership right was adjusted to expire after 8 o’clock. By doing this after the roll-call, it is possible to update the occupancy rights by using crowds as a camouflage.

Hirata washed his face in the river as if he absolutely didn’t mind being spied. If anything, it seemed that he was more uneasy. He wiped in the towel and muttered:

“Isn’t our strategy wrong… Even if we don’t win over other classes, I’d like to team up and complete the trial at least. That’s why I don’t want my leader identity to be noticed.”

His hair wet from water was shining. A breathtakingly handsome man doesn’t have to care about anything.

“Don’t worry so much. You should be more carefree.”

“Thank you. Saying this makes me honestly happy.”

After washing my face, I scooped river water with my hand and put it into my mouth. Even in extremely hot forest, the river water was cold and tasty. Since groundwater flows into the river as spring water, the river water warms up and cools down hardly and since it flows from the upstream its temperature hardly rises. It was quite of luck that we seized this place as a base.

“First of all, I think that we need to adjust our bed properly. Since the ground is hard here, it’s going to be a tough week without a substitute for cushion like a mat. Get into action by gathering opinions when everyone wakes up. We have to cooperate and do our best.”

After the end of the morning roll call, we were free to move as we pleased. Of course Hirata gave instructions to reliable classmates, also starting a strategy on how to save points. On the other hand students who didn’t really feel like helping out or people like me and Horikita who preferred to be independent began their own activities.