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Chang You: “Huh?”

He thought he heard it wrongly.

The Fully-Automated Bickering Machine... wasn’t that the art design by Boss Pei previously?

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That square black box that would automatically bounce when someone pressed the metal stick?

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Infuse the smart speaker with this?

That definitely did not go well together!

Chang You was really shocked this time. This requirement was too crazy even if one regarded the previous requirements as reasonable!

“Boss Pei, please rethink it!” Chang You blurted out.

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“I also bought one Fully-Automated Bickering Machine. It is indeed very thought-provoking and has profound philosophical meaning, but the space inside has basically been taken up, right?

“It is impossible to stuff a smart speaker in it!

“If you want to make these two things together, it means that the Fully-Automated Bickering Machine has to be redesigned and reproduced.

“But a lot of the original Fully-Automated Bickering Machine had been sold. All that wanted to buy it would have bought it. The new version would definitely not be easy to sell!

“The fully-automated bickering machine sells for 488 yuan. This smart speaker has to be sold at... at least 300 yuan. That would add up to 800 yuan—which is too expensive.

“Who would be willing to buy the Fully-Automated Bickering Machine again?

“The most important thing is that these two things have nothing to do with each other.”