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“Yea. Your points will stay at 0 until graduation. However, be at ease, since you can still use your dorms, and there are free meals in the cafeteria. You won’t die.”

Although a student life with only the bare minimum is possible, a lot of the students probably won’t like it. After all, the students lived their lives this month while indulging in every single possible luxury. Suddenly, having to live a life a self-control looks really hard for a lot of the students.

“… Will we be made fun of by the other classes now?”

Sudou kicked his desk with a bang. After having learned that the classes are divided by merit, everyone will probably make fun of class D as the group of idiots. It’s not unreasonable to be despairing.

“What, you’re still holding onto your pride, Sudou? Then do your best and try to make the worst class the best class.”


“These class points aren’t just linked to the amount of money you get each month. It’s also indicative of the class rank.”

So, in other words… if, for example, class D had held onto 500 points, they would be promoted to being class C. This is really like a company assessment.

“All right, I have one more piece of bad news I have to tell you guys.”

She put one more piece of paper onto the blackboard. The names of all the classmates were listed. Next to everyone’s name was a number.

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“From looking at these numbers, I came to understand that there are a lot of idiots in this class.”

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She glanced at the students as her heels clacked against the floor

“These are the scores from the test a few days back. Sensei was glad after seeing your wonderful performance. Seriously, what the hell did you guys study in middle school?”

Except for the top students in the class, almost everyone got below a 60. Ignoring Sudou’s wonderful score of 14 points, the next lowest was Ike’s score of 24. The average score was about 65.

“If this test was actually recorded, seven of you would already have to drop out of school. Good thing it wasn’t, right?”

“D-drop out? What do you mean?”