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The sound of my punches cutting the wind and bouncing off the air echoed, and the people passing by stopped to look at me.

“Wow, what is that?”

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“F, fast!”

“Better yet, how many blows was that?”

Breaths leaked, and a slight moan ran.

Actually, I’m a bit troubled if I get noticed or cause surprised at this level, but now I am not worried about what people think.

“You’d have to see it from a distance to know how many punches have been thrown. Moreover, that’s not the only thing that’s frightening...”

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“Hmm? Oh!”

When I was called out and turned around, there was Mr. Machio.

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“Yo, Mr. Machio.”

“Hmm... we meet in the same dojo almost every day.... I was looking forward to seeing you compete today, but... seeing you face to face like this... as I thought, you’ve gotten much stronger.”

He saw me and gave me a compliment at the very beginning. It was a little embarrassing.

“By the way, Earth. I was curious... who were you fighting just now? No matter how you look at it, it’s someone of considerable ability. It looked like you were being pushed around.”

And, as expected, Mr. Machio.

He didn’t think I was just shadowing into an empty space.

It seemed he sensed from my appearance that I fought assuming someone in the world of fantasy and delusion.

“Who... God, I guess?”

“Wh... at?”

『Hey hey』