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“It’s an impractical amount for you guys, even if you gathered all the private points in Class C. Though, if you collected points from the other classes or received charity from the upperclassmen, it’s not impossible.”

It would certainly be theoretically possible if we went beyond our own class and school year.

However, if one were to ask whether we would actually gather that many points in order to protect one student, it would be difficult to say.

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Even for Class A and Class B, there was a high possibility that they wouldn’t be able to gather so many private points either. No, even if they did, it was questionable whether or not they would use them to protect a single student. It would be very risky for them to throw away all of the assets they had built up so far.

“This is the only way you’ll be able to work around the rules set by the school. I’ll say this ahead of time, other attempts to find a way around the rules of this exam are absolutely impossible. The rest is up for you to judge and decide upon.”

Chabashira finished her explanation as homeroom came to an end.

As soon as she left the classroom, the class descended into turmoil.

“What do we do!? What do we do!? This is a seriously terrible exam, isn’t it!?”

“You boys are so noisy!”

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“What do you mean noisy!? You’re probably going to cast your censure votes for us, aren’t you!?”

The boys and girls were tossing slander back and forth, as if on guard against one another.

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“How unsightly.”

One student laughed scornfully, watching over the conflict between the boys and girls.

The particularly unusual existence of the class, Kōenji Rokusuke.