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That way, even if Li Yada went overseas, the design team would be able to continue working as planned without affecting the project’s progress.

Now that her work was more or less done, Li Yada stood up and walked towards Boss Pei’s office, prepared to discuss the possibility of a holiday to the United States.

After knocking gently on the door, Li Yada entered Boss Pei’s office.

Boss Pei was still the same as before. He looked calm and collected like he controlled everything in the palm of his hands. He also looked as energetic as if he had just woken up.

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“Boss Pei, I want to travel to the United States for a few days…”

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Li Yada had still been thinking about how to explain her situation so that it would make sense to Boss Pei. However, before she could finish her sentence, she saw Boss Pei’s eyes light up as he nodded profusely. “Good, you need to strike a balance between work and rest. You’ve been working too hard recently. You need to relax! Cherish the time and pack as soon as possible. You can leave any time.

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“Are you going alone, or are you going with other people?”

Li Yada quickly answered, “Boss Pei, there are six of us going: Lin Wan, Bao Xu, Hao Qiong, Ye Zhizhou, Chen Kangtuo, and I. “Chen Kangtuo and the others won a pair of tickets for a five-day holiday during the annual meeting, right? That’s why…”

Pei Qian felt slightly disappointed after hearing Li Yada explain the situation to him.

He had been wondering what that was about. As it turned out, it was the prizes from the annual meeting.

Pei Qian had thought that Li Yada had figured things out and was trying to find ways and means to slack off.

He had been happy over nothing.