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The express deliverymen inside were wearing dirty-looking uniforms and were hurriedly tossing all sorts of express delivery boxes into motorized tricycles and then transported to nearby destinations.

However, that was how other companies’ stations looked like.

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Upwind Courier stations were entirely different.

A rather decent shop had been rented while the signboard outside was custom-made. It even had English words ‘Upwind Station’ on the signboard. The look of this place was even slightly nicer than the bar nearby.

Of course, the bar’s decor was sleeker; perhaps it was a little gaudy. Upwind Courier stations’ decor was more down-to-earth and had a certain standard to it. It was not that eye-catching though it could hold its own.

At the entrance of the courier station, two uniformed express deliverymen and the branch manager of this courier station were already waiting

Near them were two motor tricycles that cost below three thousand; it was part of the initial investments. The motor tricycles were custom-made with Upwind Logistics’ logo on them as well.

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Through the glass windows, the situation inside this Upwind Courier station could be seen. A huge counter was at the entrance of the shop with a beautiful office computer on it. That was where the branch manager would work normally.

On the counter were some simple office supplies as well as a special code reader. Once barcodes on goods were scanned, items could be deposited or retrieved easily.

Further in the shop were rows and rows of racks divided into sections.

According to the size of the parcels, they would automatically be divided up and stored in different sections. Some larger parcels were specifically stored in a designated area as well.

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After taking in all these, Lu Mingliang could only think of one thing.

High-class, westernized!

This was miles apart from other express delivery companies.

The branch manager reported the preparations done to Lu Mingliang and Pei Qian as well as the current state of operations of this courier station. The courier station was still working on an eight-hour shift from eight in the morning to five in the afternoon. If overtime had to be done, extra pay would be given.