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At least… I want to see Horikita smile once.

I’m not very good at interacting with other people.

I’m not very good at talking to other people while making eye contact.

I’m not very good with crowded areas.

I don’t know when I started to be bad at those things.

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However, the one thing I’m know is that a person can’t live completely alone.

No matter how much I love being alone, I cannot possibly survive by myself.

So, I came up with a solution.

Putting on a facade, I live by hiding my true self.

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Only then am I no longer me, but rather, become me.

In this dark, lonely world, I can continue to survive.

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The world is not a beautiful place. While it’s common sense, everyone secretly wishes for a beautiful world. A bit of a contradiction.

Anyone… anyone’s fine, so tell me this.

Is everyone putting on a facade like me?

Or does no one bother to create a distinction, and show their true selves instead?

Since I don’t have any relationships with other people, there’s no way for me to find out.