How to make money on the skills

How to make money on the skills

「Right away it would seem… Let’s do our best!」

「Yoshaa! Let’s just do it!」

「Uwaa… If possible, the third or fourth match would’ve been better though…」

Tension ran through all four of us.

Then, the commentator put her hand in box『Two』with the same vigour.

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「Now, from box『two』- It’s Snow Academy! But, Snow Academy was so exhausted in the qualifying rounds that there was a call this morning, saying that they’re『withdrawing from the main rounds』. Thus, it will be a default win for Thousand Blade Academy! Thousand Blade Academy, luck is with you today!」


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When I muttered to myself, the president gently added an explanation from the side.

「They probably exhausted themselves in the qualifying rounds. In the『main rounds』, one or two academies are like this every year.」

「I see… That’s what it was…」

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Since every single battle was fought fiercely, they’re unable to recover within a single day.

As I was thinking about that,

「Now, let’s move on and start the draw for the second match!」

The commentator put her hand in box『One』again.

「The only one who contacted us, saying『withdrawing from the main rounds』is Snow Academy. There will be no more default wins after this! Well, the next academy is… Here they come! They’re also one of the Five Academy – Ice King Academy!」

Ice King Academy – A super-famous swordsmanship academy where Sid-san and Cain-san belong to and Ferris-san serves as the director.

「Facing them will be… It is the up-and-coming dark horse, Phantom Academy, who advanced to the scene of Sword King Festival main rounds as early as their third year of establishment!」