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“Yes. Otherwise, …the problem is already evident when we three met with each other a while ago. I have to act as your identities…NOBE and Mono. My stance’s getting fuzzy as well, I don’t even know whether I should get along with senpai or draw a clear line between us…”


“…Sigh, the problems on the internet are always more complicated. I’m not asking you to make up your mind now…But, I think it’s time for you to decide how will the relationship between “Chiaki Hoshinomori” and “Keita Amano” go.”

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“Really, …right.”

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“…Sis, in the end, do you want to get closer to him? Or do you want to keep your rivalry? Perhaps…”

Konoha paused for a moment before asking me sincerely.

“…How about you just keep your distance with the guy?”

I can’t help but take a deep breath…Indeed, I’ll feel uncomfortable whenever I see the boy recently…No, I should be honest. I feel pain whenever I see Tendou-san and him laughing with each other. I was surprised…when Konoha sincerely gave me the opinion to keep our distance. It’s because, during this time, …I have more or less decided that this would be the best option subconsciously. However, …I still feel like that’s too…

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I was lost in thoughts. Then, Konoha lightened her tone and told me.

“Sigh, I didn’t ask you for a conclusion right now. Instead…I’m sorry for bringing this up suddenly.”

“Eh? Ah, no, that’s okay…”

This is clearly my fault. Konoha quickly backed down.

“…I still can’t tell who’s the older sister…”

She will scold me directly when I deserved it. Still, she would keep it gentle, even making me reconsider and gain experience in the process…Crap, is this something a little sister should do?

After I deeply reconsidered, Konoha switched back entirely to her usual joyous tone and say “Alright,” before leaving the room.

“Well, that’s all. Sis, goodnight.”