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“As of now, she’s going to form a group with Akito and Haruka.”

“Miyake-kun has good motor skills, so I feel the group is well balanced.”

Although Keisei was left out, thanks to his mind, the other classes were trying to scout him for his mind. It would be a formidable group if he could choose students who could cover for his lack of physical ability.

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However, while we were chasing Ike, a problem surfaced.

There was a person following us. They had tried their best not to be seen while following me before, but this time they seemed to be prepared to be spotted by me. Ike was walking straight towards Keyaki mall. Then it was me and Yosuke, and after that was the person following us. This state of double-stalking continued on like this. Although ignoring them wasn’t hard, if this continued in the future, it would be a bit troublesome.

As we were approaching Keyaki mall, I stopped in my tracks.

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“Sorry, Yosuke, but can you go on first?”

“What is it?”

“I remembered something I have to take care of. I think I’ll be back in around 10 minutes.”

“Alright, I’ll call you if something happens.”

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Without asking any questions, Yosuke disappeared into Keyaki mall.

A little while after that, the student who was following us took that as her cue and walked over.

It was a classmate, Chiaki Matsushita.

“You don’t seem very surprised. Did you notice from the start?”

“I just don’t show any surprise in my expression.”

Was this the first time since spring break that I’ve talked to Matsushita alone like this?

No, take away the condition of us being alone, and it’ll still be the first time I’ve talked to her since.