Is it true that Jingdong brushed on online?

Is it true that Jingdong brushed on online?

I didn’t want to do this either.

You were the one who generated so much revenue for ROF! I have to spend all of that money now so that I won’t become overwhelmed with problems when settlement draws near, right?

Pei Qian said solemnly, “That’s a puny sum. If you don’t have enough money, ask me for more.

“What’s more, we’re only setting up twenty courier stations for now, but we’ll set up more in the future. We want to cover Lincheng City with Upwind Courier stations as soon as possible, just like we did for Jingzhou!

“You need to be clear of one goal. You have to think of ways to spend any money that you earn. If you end up incurring losses, report to me at once; and I will provide you with more funding.”

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At first, Zhang Yuan thought that Boss Pei was just saying nice-sounding words. However, after scrutinizing him, Zhang Yuan realized that Boss Pei’s gaze was extremely sincere.

“Boss Pei, I… I really am… very moved!”

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At that moment, Zhang Yuan was having difficulty expressing his gratitude in words.

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Pei Qian quickly raised his hand to stop him.

“Alright, you don’t have to say more. I have work to do. I’ll make a move first.”

Pei Qian glanced at the long line at the entrance and felt even more pissed off. Zhang Yuan quickly said, “Alright, Boss Pei! Take care, and I wish you a happy new year!” Pei Qian remained silent.

Sorry, the new year is not happy for me at all!

January 4th, Tuesday, 11 AM…

Pei Qian walked nonchalantly into the office, just as he always did. Everyone else had already started working a long time ago.

Everyone looked especially busy, but this was probably because it was their first day back at work after a long holiday.

Li Yada and the rest were already back from their holiday.