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He was happy because he had discovered this place where the boss and colleagues were so friendly and polite. Compared to the strict, oppressive environment of his previous company, this was entirely different.

He was uneasy because he was afraid he might be a burden due to his lack of capabilities.

Immediately, he looked through all the different design drafts he had collected previously to make a last minute attempt at revision.

That way, he would be able to do up the design draft once Bao Xu has a concept.

As for Bao Xu, he had already swiftly entered the conceptualization phase.

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All his memories of various FPS games gushed into his mind, providing inspiration.

Making the game easy for newbies? That wasn’t difficult and could be managed with some simple adjustments.

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For example, he could adjust the character hitboxes – particularly at the head area – so that new gamers would have a higher headshot rate.

Or perhaps, he could hasten the zoom and firing speed of sniper rifles. That way, newbies would be able to master sniping in the fastest possible time.

Even though Bao Xu wasn’t so well versed in FPS games that he could be considered a professional gamer, he was definitely an expert amongst the laymen.

Based on his own hand sensitivity, he could provide the necessary adjustments with ease.

As for the paywall weapons, there wasn’t any big issue about it as well – all they had to do was to set the price higher.

The only difficulty for Bao Xu lies in Pei Qian’s first demand for the story mode!

He fell into deep thoughts.

To be frank, that was something that he could not understand at all.

That was because most of the trending domestic FPS games did not have any story mode at all. Counter Strike did not have it as well – all they had to do was to fight one another.

Although it was true that some massive overseas standalone FPS games had a story mode, they were large companies compared to Tengda!

With a 30 men team, trying to produce a story mode in the same way as massive overseas FPS games could be considered to be overestimating their own strength.

Even though Bao Xu had just entered the games industry, he was quite clear about these things.