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「Our junior, Allen-kun, made a great accomplishment! We seniors can’t fall behind either!」

「From here on out, we’ll go all out. though…!」

Everyone said, and developed their soul dress at the same time.

「Invade -〈Fafnir〉!」

「Dye -〈Winter Sakura〉!」

「Explode -〈Burst Clay〉!」

「Restrain -〈Bind Psychic〉!」

Four first-rate swordsmen releasing their soul dress at the same time was stunning.

Pressed by the overwhelming torrent of spiritual power, the members of the Organization retreated one step after another.

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(I see. So they have been fighting without soul dress up until now…)

Apparently everyone was fighting only with pure swordsmanship to preserve their strength when going back home.

「From here on out, we’ll open a way!」

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「Allen and president, just follow us!」

The belligerent Ria and Rose took the lead.

「Ferris, we can’t afford to lose either!」

「Of course! We will definitely go home with everyone after coming this far, though…」

Lilim-senpai and Ferris-senpai followed behind them.

Thus, we aimed for the『spot』on the tenth floor of Belios Castle.

Ria and Rose, who took the lead with great force, released their spiritual power that they had suppressed so far.