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How three-dimensional map make money online

「Your reaction speed is as I expected!」she said.

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The president’s sharp middle kick pierced my side.

「Ka, ha…」

And I was blown sideways.

(Damn, I never thought she would create a clone!)

As I bit down the pain and calmly performed ukemi, the president’s sharp voice rang.

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「We got him! Now, Lilim!」

「Ou, leave it to me!」

The moment Lilim-senpai thrust her sword into the schoolyard, the surrounding soil suddenly exploded and a huge pitfall was created.

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Having lost my footing, I fell, pulled down by gravity.

And at the bottom – a large amount of burst clay was laid.

(Kuh, this set up…!?)

It seems that the president and senpais were getting this prepared all this time during the Christmas party.