Is there a tutor online? Is it true?

Is there a tutor online? Is it true?

On the other side, on Bunny Tail’s live-stream platform.

The host in charge of the crowd was equally shocked when he saw the other party lock down the Specter Blacksmith.

“It looks like the other party is well-prepared for today’s battle. They have been targeting them from the BAN selection. They chose to directly snatch Specter Blacksmith to deal with the situation knowing the system of the Storm Swordsman and Specter Blacksmith.”

“That would probably be very bad news for FV Team because the Storm Swordsman is relatively weak in the jungle. Without the Specter Blacksmith to provide additional experience and economy, it might collapse along with the three lanes once it’s targeted by the other party. What do the two teachers think of this candidate?”

The two players of FV Team Two did not feel awkward. It was as if everything was within their expectations.

“Actually, the current situation is definitely within FV Team’s expectations.”

“This trick has already been used in international competition. It’s impossible for others not to know. If they want to take it, the best way is to take it together with two heroes from the purple side. The latter two and three hands from the blue side. However, since FV Team snatched it from the blue side, it means that they are not afraid that the other party will snatch the hero, Specter Blacksmith.”

“Actually, the countermeasure is very simple. Since the other party chose Specter Blacksmith, they can only use the bottom lane. The bottom lane would be naturally disadvantaged. Then, as long as FV Team obtains the right to line up and has a good view of the top and middle lanes, they can protect the jungle of the Storm Swordsman...”

The two of them talked about FV Team’s general response.

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In the end, he added, “Of course, this playstyle can only be used when the opponent’s three lines are not as strong as you. What’s more, you have to accurately grasp the opponent’s open field route in order to successfully avoid the jungle collision in the early stages. Whether this playstyle can succeed or not depends on the vision of both sides in the early stages and the arrangements of the first-rate team...”

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On the other hand, the commentators on the official platform could only guess the rough playstyles of both sides based on the following selection.

“I think FV Team might have found a replacement for Specter Blacksmith in this strategy, so they want to test the strength of the lineup this time.”

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“It might also be because the latest version of the Storm Swordsman has slightly increased its attack power, so FV Team’s jungler, as the Storm Swordsman’s ultimate living weapon, thinks that it can already enter the professional arena without the Specter Blacksmith...”

The three commentators did not know FV Team’s true intentions and could only guess.