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“Celestial... the entire sword... Rebal’s swordsmanship is insane. I mean, to see it all.... all Earth!”

“Are you kidding me? Earth’s reflexes... And, uh... like wings... How do you move your feet?”

“...... Hiro, di-didn’t you train him!?”

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Are you watching? Father, Mother, Emperor!

“It can’t be... Why?! Rebal’s sword... even the fire dragon got knocked down, Rebal’s sword is... not hitting!? Even though Rebal hasn’t used ‘that power’ yet, what does this mean?”

Oh. It makes sense if it doesn’t hit you, Fu!

“Dummy... I, even I don’t know.... I don’t know this Earth! What is this? What’s going on over there!?”

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Princess, the most amazing thing is that you, who knows the best of my abilities, are so surprised!

“Eh, Earth! Oh, how in the world are you ahead!?”

And, the moment Rebal asked me, while swinging the sword at the speed of light, trying not to exude uncontrollable bewilderment, I felt it was already over.

And then......

『Kukuko, come now... with this dullard... and your dumb, peaceful father and all the heroes, show them.』


I will prove myself.