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The more Meng Chang thought about it, the more melancholic he became.

At first, he had thought that it was just messing up the publicity plan. How simple!

However, Meng Chang increasingly felt that this was an epic difficulty and impossible task!

What’s more, the difficulty of this matter would only increase as Tengda gradually expanded. That was because Tengda was such a unique company. Its every move would be seen by netizens, and any behavior would be repeatedly interpreted by netizens. Even ordinary publicity could have unexpected effects.

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Meng Chang did not know what to do in the future. He could only take it one step at a time.

At four in the afternoon, Meng Chang walked out of the building where Zhongdian Chinese Network’s “inspiration class” was located.

He had completed his research before work ended!

In fact, Meng Chang had not planned to be so fast. He had reserved at least three days according to his original plan.

He had planned to finish researching and finalizing the publicity project on Tuesday.

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However, he did not expect the first two projects to be developed so quickly. He only took a look and walked around a few times before he finished them. That was why he saved so much time.

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It might be a sad story but it was also beneficial: Meng Chang could quickly formulate a publicity plan during the weekend and push it out on Monday.

That would minimize the possibility of the secret being leaked so that Boss Pei would not have time to play tricks.

“It looks like I was given four choices, but there is only one choice.”