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「Have the orders, been decided?」

In a slow tone so as not to hurry, I gently listened to their orders.

「Uh… Honey toast and cafe latte, please.」

「As for me… egg sandwich and coffee.」

「Um… I’m a little hungry right now, so I’d like to have an omelette and a latte.」.

「Yes, certainly.」

I quickly took note of the order, repeated it correctly, confirmed that there was no mistake, and passed the order.

After that, I carried the orders that the person in charge of cooking prepared. The first task was completed succesfully.

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(Yoshi Yoshi! As perfectly as I imagined it!)

I think I can complete this job calmly, there was a time when I thought that way.

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After that,

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「Allen-kun, you’ve got another four-people nomination!」

「Yes, I understand…!」

「Ria-san, you’ve got a nomination from one person!」

「Yes, I understand!」

「Allen-kun, this time you’ve got five-people nomination!」