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“But something about Ryuuen-san’s changed a little bit. He’s become a bit more mellow…or maybe not…”

Komiya added, with a somewhat confused, yet happy face.

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As soon as they entered school, Ryuuen took control of the class and treated everyone as tools to be used without mercy. It’s not surprising that most of his classmates feel a strong sense of rejection in their hearts.

“If it’s that guy from now, I feel like I can honestly follow him, you know?.”

“You can willingly follow Ryuuen?…I don’t get it.”

Ike’s body trembled slightly, as if he couldn’t understand what he was hearing.

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“Anyway, Ike and Ayanokouji, don’t just stand there, sit down.”

Komiya gently welcomed us, students from another class, and urged us to sit down without hesitation.

The two of us took advantage of his kind offer and sat down.

“You seem healthy.”

While looking at his leg secured in a fixed position, I checked Komiya’s condition.

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“As you can see, I’m fine except for my leg. But, when I think about everyone playing on the other side of the door I feel frustrated. I hope it heals quickly…”

“When will you be able to walk?”

“I’m in the process of asking for permission to walk on crutches.”

They are rivals in love, but surprisingly, they are able to talk to each other with no problems.

It looks like my presence here was completely unnecessary.

“I’m just… a little worried.”