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The more information he gathered from Tengda Corporation and GOG’s promotion, the more complete the details would be. That would lessen his responsibilities and even affect the decisions of the upper echelons of the Dayak Corporation.

Pei Qian felt that if that was the case, why not make use of Eric to send a message to Dayak’s higher management?

He was worried about Dayak’s hindsight.

There was no need to talk about the domestic market. IOI’s domestic server was almost out of business. The few players that were left were still disappearing every day. GOG’s overseas market was also advancing by leaps and bounds. If Pei Qian had not deliberately split half of the people in Shang Yang Games to slow down its expansion, IOI’s overseas situation would not have been so optimistic.

From Pei Qian’s perspective, IOI’s situation was already very dangerous. This made him very worried.

Even so, Dayak Corporation was still slow to react and did not offer any reliable solutions.

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It was because Dayak Corporation was too arrogant at the end of the day. They looked down on Tengda, a small Chinese company from the bottom of their hearts, just like when Eric first arrived in Jingzhou.

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The difference was that Eric had been beaten awake, while Dayak’s higher management had yet to be awakened.

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Thus, Pei Qian hoped to make use of this meal to make Eric his mouthpiece and influence the policies of Dayak Corporation’s higher management.

Eric looked calm on the surface, but thoughts were racing in his mind.

Boss Pei’s actions seemed to be superfluous. It was impossible for him to do this for a favor.

There was no need for personal favors in business.