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“Yea. Two years ago, the midterm had nearly the same questions as the one on this problem set. So, if you practice, I think we’ll do better.”

“Woah! Seriously? Kushida-chan, thank you!”

Ike hugged his test in happiness. All the other students also couldn’t hold back their emotions.

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“What the hell, if we have these problems, doesn’t all of our studying become useless?”

While laughing, Yamauchi was complaining at the same time. My prediction was completely right.

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“Sudou-kun, do your best while studying today.”

“Yea. Thanks.”

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Sudou also received the problems happily.

“This is a secret from all the other classes! Let’s all do well and succeed!”

Ike shouted out loud with determination, but I had to agree. There’s no need to send help to the other classes. Everyone returned home in high spirits.

“Kushida-san. Good job.”

Horikita went up to Kushida and praised her uncharacteristically.

“Ehehe, is that so?”

“I never thought to use the old tests. I’m also thankful that you went to see if these questions were still valid to use.”

Looks like Horikita, who doesn’t have any friends, didn’t come up with the idea.

“It’s nothing special. I’m doing this for my friends, after all.”

“Also, I think it was right to announce it today, after school. If word got out earlier, everyone would’ve probably lost motivation.”