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They were words directed to the existence of ‘ogre’ rather than ‘Aka’.

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“As emotions go... so little made you enraged...... attempting to eliminate such dangers...... what’s wrong with it! Such as a beast that doesn’t recognize itself as dangerous, depart from this world!!”

At that moment, a glint in the dying Fuuma’s eye held his strength, and he tried to do something with his hands folded.

That, he’s using the Seal(Hand Signs) Shinobu was performing earlier.

“Not good, Mr. Aka, watch out ――――”

Then I regretted my delay.

If I had talked to Aka without being scared earlier...

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“Fire Art, 【Flame Cannon Blast(Blazing Chorus) 】!!”

A huge flame emanated from Fuuma’s mouth.

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Aka was bathed with a tremendous amount of heat that burned and melted everything.

“Ah, Mr. Aka!”

If you’re exposed to such a big flame, normally...

“...... Unforgivable...”