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I still wanted to chat with a person like Keita Amano more.

Right now, I can’t think of where this mindset will bring me to at last. However, I believe this feeling can’t be easily categorized into things like love or friendship.

But, I’m sure of my hope of going forward. Although I don’t understand whether that’s right or wrong, I still wanted to follow my heart, maybe it’s because I can’t explain this feeling.

“If that’s the case…now that we have time to be alone, I have to act fast and not waste this precious chance…”

I have to act fast, right. The only trump card that I have, the one that can cause a sudden change to our relationship. Yes, I have to tell Keita who NOBE and Mono really are before we reach home…!

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I made up my mind and raised my head. I won’t be at a loss anymore! Keita is the same type as me. If a weakling like him can show this amount of manliness! I can explain everything to him before we get home if I put in the effort-

“Hey. We’re here, Hoshinomroi’s home.”

I snapped back to reality when Keita said that.

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So, I looked at where he pointed and realized the sign wrote “Hoshinomori” in front of me.


I silently pushed the door open and smiled blanky before urging Keita to come in.

“…Welcome…please come in…”

“That’s the least welcoming “welcome” I’ve heard since I was born!”

Well, I’ve also never felt more disappointed with seeing my home since I was born.