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“Um… Amano-kun, are you still trying to win?”

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“Huh? No, I didn’t have any medals and didn’t get out of my last bet, so… But since I received a medal from Tendo-san, I’m aiming for a comeback victory. I still have some time left.”

Replying with an attitude that said, “Isn’t it obvious?”, he took up a posture to put the coin in once again, but I reflexively called out to him.

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“Eh, w-wait a bit, Amano-kun.”

“W-what is it? Are you trying to stall? Don’t stop me, Tendo-san!”

Without looking in my direction, Amano-kun looked for the right time to put in the coin as he talked in a slightly irritated tone. Even then, I continued to ask him questions.

“W-why are you trying to win?”

“Because this is a competition!”

“But, you, you’re not that type…”

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“Huh? What’s that supposed to mean, ‘that type’?”

Amano-kun closed one eye and carefully aimed the coin, replying to me in a slightly rude tone.

I gulped, feeling a hunch that a big assumption of mine was just about to be overturned, and asked the question that struck the heart of the manner.

“Isn’t it fine whether or not you lose…”

In reply to my words,

Amano-kun, while concentrating on the tip of his finger, told me his true intentions without any lies… and it was a big shock to me.

“The match is definitely more fun if you win!”


The biggest reason that I fell into this slump was “Amano Keita’s game stance”. While shouting words that completely ruined my theory, Amano-kun pushed the medal in.

And the result was—