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“So, after reuniting with your sister at this school, you felt like this dependency problem still hadn’t changed?”

Unless he could read minds, there just wasn’t enough information to tell what she had been through in the past two years.

“That’s right. Anyone who knows what she was like as a child would be able to tell. That girl…”

He cut off mid-sentence, choking up on his words.

“…Nevermind. This is probably something I should keep secret, even from you. I’d like it to be the perfect metric to determine whether or not Suzune has really changed.”

“I guess that means your sister still hasn’t changed yet.”

The elder Horikita nodded. While Horikita had shown a great deal of progress compared to how she was at the start of the year, according to her older brother, that didn’t seem to be enough.

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“She’s been trying her best to break away from her past, but she’s only halfway there.”

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I found myself wondering if she’d be able to satisfy her brother’s so-called ‘perfect metric’ before he graduates.

There weren’t very many days left until the graduation ceremony.

“But, if…”

The elder Horikita stopped walking for a moment and fixed his eyes on me.

For some reason, I found myself getting caught up in his powerful gaze and stopped walking as well.

“If Suzune could stop chasing after my shadow, break away from her dependency, and become honest with herself…”

A Spring breeze blew through the air.