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Sakuma-san released her hand and saw someone behind me. She dashed away like a typhoon.

“Ah, there’s my boyfriend! I’ll be leaving! Goodbye, Keita-kun!”

“…Goodbye, Sakuma-san.”

Even though I waved at her with a smile, my words still sounded awkward. However, Sakuma-san didn’t notice it and just dashed to her boyfriend excitedly.

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…I’m really bad at dealing with her, after all. Even though Aguri-san is, …yeah, there must be some decisive difference here. …What is it, though…?

“…Oh, right, Aguri-san.”

I suddenly remembered that I was observing the awkward atmosphere between Aguri-san and that guy. Just as I’m about to turn back-

At that moment-


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-I saw a gal staring at me extremely angrily. It wasn’t until the next second that I realized she’s my girlfriend (temporary). I couldn’t recognize her for a moment because of how uncharacteristically pissed off she got.

The clerk next to her already disappeared. I was relieved. Even though we’re just meeting up, I can’t bring myself to look at her for some reason as I walk.

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“Hey, …you’re not going to buy the one recommended by that handsome guy?”

Just like that time, Aguri-san looked away awkwardly as she answered.

“…That doesn’t fit my taste.”

I don’t know whether she’s talking about the clothing or the clerk.