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"I must," he answered.

"Oh!""When France is invaded, the place for a man who bears my name iswhere the fighting is.""But there will be fighting in Paris too.""Paris has four times as many defenders as it needs. It is outsidethat soldiers will be wanted."They walked slowly, as they spoke thus, along the Rue des Minimes,one of the least frequented in Paris; and there were only to beseen at this hour five or six soldiers talking in front of thebarracks gate.

"Suppose I were to beg you not to go," resumed Mlle. Gilberte.

"Suppose I beseeched you, Marius!""I should remain then," he answered in a troubled voice; "but Iwould be betraying my duty, and failing to my honor; and remorsewould weigh upon our whole life. Command now, and I will obey."They had stopped; and no one seeing them standing there side byside affectionate and familiar could have believed that they werespeaking to each other for the first time. They themselves did notnotice it, so much had they come, with the help of all-powerfulimagination, and in spite of separation, to the understanding ofintimacy. After a moment of painful reflection,"I do not ask you any longer to stay," uttered the young girl.

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He took her hand, and raised it to his lips.

"I expected no less of your courage," he said, his voice vibratingwith love. But he controlled himself, and, in a more quiet tone,"Thanks to the indiscretion of Pulei," he added, "I was in hopes ofseeing you, but not to have the happiness of speaking to you. Ihad written "He drew from his pocket a large envelope, and, handing it to Mlle.

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Gilberte,"Here is the letter," he continued, "which I intended for you. Itcontains another, which I beg you to preserve carefully, and not toopen unless I do not return. I leave you in Paris a devoted friend,the Count de Villegre. Whatever may happen to you, apply to himwith all confidence, as you would to myself."Mlle. Gilberte, staggering, leaned against the wall.

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"When do you expect to leave?" she inquired.

"This very night. Communications may he cut off at any moment."Admirable in her sorrow, but also full of energy, the poor girllooked up, and held out her hand to him.

"Go then," she said, "0 my only friend! go, since honor commands.

But do not forget that it is not your life alone that you are goingto risk."And, fearing to burst into sobs, she fled, and reached the Rue St.

Gilles a few moments before her father, who had gone out in questof news.

Those he brought home were of the most sinister kind.

Like the rising tide, the Prussians spread and advanced, slowly,but steadily. Their marches were numbered; and the day and hourcould be named when their flood would come and strike the wallsof Paris.

And so, at all the railroad stations, there was a prodigious rushof people who wished to leave at any, cost, in any way, in thebaggage-car if needs be, and who certainly were not, like Marius,rushing to meet the enemy.

One after another, M. Favoral had seen nearly every one he knewtake flight.

The Baron and Baroness de Thaller and their daughter had gone toSwitzerland; M. Costeclar was traveling in Belgium; the elderJottras was in England, buying guns and cartridge; and if theyounger Jottras, with M. Saint Pavin of "The Financial Pilot,"remained in Paris, it was because, through the gallant influenceof a lady whose name was not mentioned, they had obtained somevaluable contracts from the government.