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And, bowing to the ground before Mlle. Gilberte, he left the parlor;and, a few moments after, the street-door was heard to close upon him.

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"Ah, what a wretch!" exclaimed the, girl, dreadfully agitated.

"Marius, did you see what a look he gave us as he went out?""I saw it," replied M. de Tregars.

"That man hates us: he will not hesitate to commit a crime to avengethe atrocious humiliation you have just inflicted upon him.""I believe it too."Mlle. Gilberte made a gesture of distress.

"Why did you treat him so harshly?" she murmured.

"I had intended to remain calm, and it would have been politic tohave done so. But there are some insults which a man of heartcannot endure. I do not regret what I have done."A long pause followed; and they remained standing, facing each other,somewhat embarrassed. Mlle. Gilberte felt ashamed of the disorderof her dress. M. de Tregars wondered how he could have been boldenough to enter this house.

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"You have heard of our misfortune," said the young girl at last.

I read about it this morning, in the papers.""What! the papers know already?""Every thing.""And our name is printed in them?"Yes."She covered her face with her two hands.

"What disgrace!" she said.

"At first," went on M. de Tregars, "I could hardly believe what Iread. I hastened to come; and the first shopkeeper I questionedconfirmed only too well what I had seen in the papers. From thatmoment, I had but one wish, - to see and speak to you. When Ireached the door, I recognized M. Costeclar's equipage, and I hada presentiment of the truth. I inquired from the concierge foryour mother or your brother, and heard that Maxence had gone outa few moments before, and that Mme. Favoral had just left in acarriage with M. Chapelain, the old lawyer. At the idea that youwere alone with Costeclar, I hesitated no longer. I ran up stairs,and, finding the door open, had no occasion to ring."Mlle. Gilberte could hardly repress the sobs that rose to her throat.

"I never hoped to see you again," she stammered; "and you'll findthere on the table the letter I had just commenced for you when M.

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Costeclar interrupted me."M. de Tregars took it up quickly. Two lines only were written. Heread: "I release you from your engagement, Marius. Henceforth youare free."He became whiter than his shirt.

"You wish to release me from my engagement!" he exclaimed. "You -""Is it not my duty? Ah! if it had only been our fortune, I shouldperhaps have rejoiced to lose it. I know your heart. Poverty wouldhave brought us nearer together. But it's honor, Marius, honor thatis lost too! The name I bear is forever stained. Whether my fatheris caught, or whether he escapes, he will be tried all the same,condemned, and sentenced to a degrading penalty for embezzlement andforgery."If M. de Tregars was allowing her to proceed thus, it was because hefelt all his thoughts whirling in his brain; because she looked sobeautiful thus, all in tears, and her hair loose; because therearose from her person so subtle a charm, that words failed him toexpress the sensations that agitated him.

"Can you," she went on, "take for your wife the daughter of adishonored man? No, you cannot. Forgive me, then, for having fora moment turned away your life from its object; forgive the sorrowwhich I have caused you; leave me to the misery of my fate;forget me!"She was suffocating.

"Ah, you have never loved me!" exclaimed Marius.

Raising her hands to heaven,"Thou hearest him, great God!" she uttered, as if shocked by ablasphemy.

"Would it be easy for you to forget me then? Were I to be struckby misfortune, would you break our engagement, cease to love me?"She ventured to take his hands, and, pressing them between hers,"To cease loving you no longer depends on my will," she murmuredwith quivering lips. "Poor, abandoned of all, disgraced, criminaleven, I should love you still and always."With a passionate gesture, Marius threw his arm around her waist,and, drawing her to his breast, covered her blonde hair withburning kisses.

"Well, 'tis thus that I love you too!" he exclaimed, "and with allmy soul, exclusively, and for life! What do I care for yourparents? Do I know them? Your father - does he exist? Your name- it is mine, the spotless name of the Tregars. You are my wife!

mine, mine!"She was struggling feebly: an almost invincible stupor was creepingover her. She felt her reason disturbed, her energy giving way, afilm before her eyes, the air failing to her heaving chest.