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“Yahoo~ Ike-kun invited me while I was talking to him earlier.”

Having nothing to say, I did nothing and kept looking at the chat.

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“I heard about what happened today~. Isn’t Horikita really annoying?”

“I was pissed off at her. Sudou was really angry at her too. Looked like he would hit her.”

“If I see her tomorrow, I’m going to hit her. I was really angry today.”

“Ahahaha, it’ll become a big problem if you hit her LOL that’s just overkill”

“Hey, while we’re on the topic. Wanna ignore her starting from tomorrow?”

“Nah, we’ve always ignored her (lol)”

“I need to get back at her somehow. We can bully her and make her cry. Like hiding her shoes.”

“I would laugh if I was a kid, but I really want to see her suffer.”

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Somehow, Horikita became the main topic of the group chat.

“Ayanakouji-kun, wanna join too? In bullying her haha”

“Nah, he’s fallen too hard for her.”

“Hey, whose side are you on?”

It was pretty obvious that everyone would be irritated at Horikita. Their experiences with her have always been negative. However, I can’t agree with hitting or bullying her. Both would be equally devoid of any good intentions.

“You’re reading this, right? Hey, I asked you a question: which side are you on?”

“I’m not on anyone’s side. I won’t really stop you guys.”

“Staying neutral. The most sly answer possible lol”

“You can think of it however you want, but it’s your loss if you think about it. If the school learns of this problem, it’ll become trouble for you. Just keep that in mind.”