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“Well. Chiaki, although I’m extremely unwilling to admit this, don’t you think that you and I are alike in every way aside from a couple differences? So…”

“…Oh, I get it…”

I suddenly what Keita was trying to say. So, I took the last bite of the freezie before leaning towards him slightly and try to confirm.

“…Don’t tell me your pass holder is deep blue and foldable-“

After I described the appearance of my pass holder, Keita nodded at me while smiling bitterly.

I put my hand on my forehand as I mumbled.

“…What the hell, even the scratches, and the marks are the exact same…”

“Really. Although I did kind of expect this at the start, I still can’t believe what you’ve just said. What do you think then? Is my pass holder in your place?”

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I started thinking after he asked me.

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“…Now that you’re mentioning it, I did remember finding one in the living room and putting it away earlier. I think I discovered that on the utensil shelf. Well, I realized that I never took public transport since the summer holiday began, so it’ll be strange if my real pass holder isn’t in my bags…”

“Right. Ah, it could be left somewhere else as well. But, I guess it’s right to look for it at your place first. However, I should apologize for the sudden intrusion.”

Keita lowered his head and apologized. While we called each other rivals usually, we often behaved politely in times like this. Both of us are nobody.

I started provoking him out of my awkwardness.

“B-But, a lonely otaku like you don’t need to use the pass in the summer holiday either, why do you want to take it back that urgently?”

I meant to start a fight with him, but then he didn’t take the bait. Instead, he scratched his head embarrassingly.

“Yeah, you’re right. But…I think this year’s summer holiday will be a bit different than last year’s, so I wanted to take it back ASAP.”

“What do you mean by different than the last year- Oh.”

Right, Keita belongs to the “Couples” class now, so I shut my mouth. Keita looks like he still isn’t used to mentioning that, so he got too embarrassed to say anything. A subtle silence flowed between us.

I secretly glanced at Keita’s face before thinking again.