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“H-hey but like, you’ve gotta dive in head-first with this kinda stuff!”

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“How about you calm down and wait to hear what Ike-senpai has to say? Instead of worrying about who he likes, don’t you think that it’s more important to find out how it relates to the matter at hand? Or am I wrong?”

Nanase’s words were calm, yet firm, bringing Hondō screeching to a halt.

“I-I guess you’re right.”

Upon being rebuked by his underclassman, Hondō seemed to realize that he was being tactless and awkwardly scratched at the back of his head.

“The girl I like…”

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Once Ike began to speak, the two boys definitely let their imaginations run wild.

Was she in our school year? A senpai? Or was she one of the new students?

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And, if she was in our school year, was she a classmate?

Popular, attractive girls like Kushida or Ichinose were no doubt the first to come to mind.

“The girl I like is… uhm… Sh-Shinohara… Shinohara Satsuki.”

When they finally heard the name, for a moment it seemed like Sudō and Hondō were genuinely unable to process it.

After all, to them, Ike and Shinohara must seem like nothing more than classmates who butt heads with each other.