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Once the competition started, the bullet screen comments started commenting on both sides’ playstyles.

“No invasion? Do you know how to play?”

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“Obviously, the other party is on guard as well. All five of them are here. They might be sent away if they forced their way in.”

“The early stages are all very stable, but we have already fought for the resources that we should fight for.”

“I have to say that this ‘Underworld BP’ again is much better than the last time. They’ve basically noticed all the details, and their tactics have been executed.”

“Both teams have obviously watched the two competitions in the BP verification competition. I feel like their tactical skills have improved.”

“However, the other party is at a disadvantage because the lineup they chose is different from the BP verification competition. Some details cannot be forcefully copied...”

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Under the attention of countless bullet screen trainers, the team that had obtained the ‘Underworld BP’ lineup again actually corrected the shortcomings in the previous strategy. They were not defeated like before but were fighting better and better!

It even made people wonder if they were the same team as last week.

Chen Yufeng watched the competition seriously and suddenly realized something.

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“I see!”

“I understand why Boss Pei asked me to take it slow. That’s because I don’t need to spend money to buy popularity in the short term. As long as I wait, the popularity will come naturally!”

“The BP verification competition uses the lineup of the GPL league and ICL league. What’s more, the BP verification competition is for strong teams. In other words, the lineup that strong teams can’t play would definitely be abandoned. The lineup that strong teams can play would definitely be learned by other teams!”

“In other words, as long as the BP verification competition is good, the teams in the lower-middle tier of the two leagues will definitely watch and learn...”

“This is equivalent to two league officials promoting the BP verification competition for Bunny Tail!”

“What’s the point of advertising with such popularity? It’s more worth it to spend this publicity money slowly!”

“Boss Pei is indeed a schemer. He foresaw this and stopped me. Otherwise, I might have wasted money on impulse!”

Chen Yufeng had been scolded by Boss Pei in the afternoon. He had not been in a good mood at first, but now he understood everything.