Recently, the most profitable online

Recently, the most profitable online

The basic settings could be modified at an early stage and made into another version to be updated at Fish-Catching Internet Cafe.

They only need to compare the player data of both versions after some time to know which version was better.

December 14th, Tuesday...

Pei Qian came to the shooting location of Tomorrow is Beautiful early in the morning. He had not come in a while and was worried about it.

His last visit was two weeks ago. Pei Qian made a passing remark to Lu Zhiyao about being a bum. He didn’t think that it would ignite an acting explosion by Lu Zhiyao, which won the unanimous praise from the crew.

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Therefore, Pei Qian suppressed his worries during this period and did not go to the studio again. He was afraid that his unintentional words would allow Lu Zhiyao to experience new revelations, and then the situation might get out of control.

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However, it was impossible for him to not go at all.

Pei Qian felt that he should not only hold an ostrich mentality. Otherwise, it would be too late if something were to happen.

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Early detection and treatment were still required. Even if the situation was irreversible, he could better prepare himself in advance to spend money to reduce some losses for himself.

So he came to the shooting location again today since he was free.

The set was rather busy with staff shuttling back and forth. Pei Qian did not want to disturb everyone’s work either. He just stood at the side to watch casually.

The surrounding scenery was no longer the narrow capsule but that of a futuristic urban outdoor scene. Even though it was supposed to be an outdoor scene, it was still shot in the studio with a lot of green screens hanging around.