ways to make money at home

ways to make money at home

“That’s because high-end restaurants have too strict requirements for chefs, ingredients, and other details. It’s impossible to mass produce them, and its high price naturally dissuades most of the cash-strapped consumers.”

“Tengda Corporation, which owns the nameless restaurant and Fish-Catching Take-Out, should know this better than I do.”

“Therefore, consumers are more inclined to the ‘small but beautiful’ food and beverage brands. For this, they are willing to pay a certain premium.”

“For catering companies, the most profitable way is to open branches. The premise of opening branches is that they have formulas and can be mass-produced.”

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“This is the current state of the domestic food and beverage market.”

Meng Chang continued, “Secondly, with the rapid development of the mobile internet, platforms such as Weibo, review websites, and chat software became brand new marketing platforms for catering companies. The rapid development of take-out and group-buying softwares helped catering enterprises soar.”

“One of the greatest advantages of the internet age is that a successful business model can be spread and replicated as quickly as possible so that everyone knows about it and spreads it across the country!”

“In the past, many excellent food and beverage brands could only slowly expand in one city at a time. Be it in terms of funds or popularity, they were not enough to support the rapid replication of successful business models.”

“However, all of these became possible in the Internet age!”

“Combining these two points, it would not be difficult for us to discover that once a popular restaurant brand becomes a standardized, mass-produced, and high-quality internet celebrity brand, it would be able to spread across the country at an extremely fast speed and obtain huge profits and generous returns!”

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“The best part is that ‘Food is most important for the people’. People have to eat for as long as they are alive. Therefore, once a food and beverage brand is widely recognized by consumers, its long-term value will only increase!”

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At this point, Meng Chang observed He Desheng’s expression.

He Desheng listened very seriously and nodded repeatedly.

Obviously, this theory was quite correct. In an ideal situation, there would indeed be huge business opportunities in the F&B industry and the Internet. For example in the take-out and review industries where a lot of capital was being invested.

However, the question here was, could cold noodles become a brand and gain the trust of consumers?

Meng Chang had obviously expected this. He immediately flipped to the next PowerPoint.

“After looking at the huge prospects and market potential of the Cold-Faced Lady, I will explain it with two different points.