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Adamant on trying his luck, Wu Bin walked towards the ring toss stand.

A waiter dressed in the hotel’s uniform was already waiting there. He greeted Wu Bin as the latter handed him a game token. Then, he passed Wu Bin one ring.


The ring was many times bigger than the ones Wu Bin was used to seeing!

Other rings were very small-more or less the size of a bracelet. Yet, this ring looked about as big as a plate.

Wu Bin could be prepared to kill himself if he missed this time.

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He picked a better-looking figurine, took his aim, and then tossed the ring as well as he could!

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He misaimed and missed!

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Wu Bin felt light-headed. The ring was so big, and yet he still missed! How could he face his own elders?!

No way, I can’t walk away like that!

Wu Bin retrieved many more game tokens, prepared to buy more rings.

However, at that same moment, the waiter picked up the figurine and placed it inside the ring at lightning speed.

“Congratulations, Sir! You’ve got it!” “Pfft!”

Wu Bin nearly choked on his saliva. How could he do that?