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Pei Qian slumped down on his chair, feeling suicidal. On further thought, who could he blame this time? He could not blame anyone…

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It was Pei Qian who asked Chen Lei to go to Shanghai, who decided to sell only five hundred Barrett Dooms… and who allowed ordinary players to buy Barrett Dooms based on their credit.

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The only problem was that Pei Qian did not make clear to Lin Wan what kind of factors to include in the credit rating system and how the players could increase their credit rating.

Lin Wan told Lu Mingliang and allowed him to come up with these details. Thus, Lu Mingliang included accounts’ spending as a consideration.

This was very natural. It would be illogical not to increase the credit rating of whales who spent 888 yuan on Red Kilins.

Therein was the problem.

Many players, who had no intention to buy the Red Kilin, did so in order to increase their chances of obtaining a Barrett Doom. Now, they could spend money to increase their credit rating. When more Barrett Dooms were put up for sale the following month, they would have higher chances of obtaining them.

That was why many people splurged on Red Kilins in this final week. That was why Ocean Stronghold made so much money this week!

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That was probably what people meant when they said ‘one false step brings everlasting grief’…

What hurt Pei Qian’s head the most was that he could not undo this mistake. Could Pei Qian take away the limitation on the number of Barrett Dooms for sale now? Sorry, the players would go even crazier over it.

What’s more, he could not get rid of the credit ratings. The players would curse him to death. Pei Qian and the team in Tengda would fall apart.

Thus, nothing could be done about Ocean Stronghold anymore.