Make money trademark registration online application

Make money trademark registration online application

Thinking from another point of view-in the beginning, the Thriller Hostel was to be running at a loss. If the Thriller Hostel would not make money, the shopping malls would naturally not make money. There is nothing to worry about.

Conversely, if the mall made money, it meant that the Thriller Hostel itself had become popular and had already made more money in tickets...

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There is no difference between fifty steps and a hundred so there is nothing to be antagonized over.

Pei Qian tried to enlighten himself, but it had no effect on him. The more he thought about it, the more he felt he had suffered a loss and the angrier he became!

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Boss Li had to accept revenge for this backstab!

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Pei Qian tried his best to keep the bottleneck as he told the Manage Loss Trainee in charge of Thriller Hostel “Tell me the cooperation plan in detail.”

The Manage Loss Trainee replied, “Boss Li and the other investors had rented an old factory building in a good location. They proposed to pay for the rent and the renovation while we provide the plan for the renovation.”

Pei Qian was thoughtful upon hearing this. He seemed to have found a point of breakthrough. “Do you have the rendering for the renovation?”

The Manage Loss Trainee fished out his phone. “Yes, Boss Pei, please take a look.”

Pei Qian reached out and took the phone to look at the rendering on it. The style of a standard high-end shopping mall, soft lighting, clean environment, a dazzling array of shelves filled with goods, tourists come and go, choosing goods and enthusiastic shopping guide ladies... Yes, this rendering had a huge number of tourists drawn on it. That pricked Pei Qian as though he had already seen the super popular shopping mall.

That could not happen!

Think about it, these tourists were frightened half to death when they went to the haunted house. It was the time when they were mentally weak. It would be like entering heaven if they were to enter this mall after that.

They would be surrounded by a huge sense of security after all their previous fears were wiped out. Why would they not splurge like crazy in such circumstances?

Pei Qian considered for a short while before replying. “This renovation plan will definitely not do; it requires a huge change! They have yet to start the work, right?”