Can mobile phone make money online?

Can mobile phone make money online?

It seemed to be telling him that Otto Technologies was a very important link in the industry chain and also showed that he was being trusted by Boss Pei!

Also, such a move dissuaded the scalpers and also took care of the emotions of the general consumers.

If it was limited to one set per person and could only receive the goods when their identity was matched, then it greatly increased the cost of reselling the cell phones to the scalpers.

It would be sold every three days, and the quantity doubled every single time. That means that the consumers would rather wait three more days and not be so anxious to buy from the scalpers at high prices.

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“Boss Pei... I will not fail the expectation of all other Tengda departments. I will definitely guarantee the supplies even if it means I have to go to the production line to screw the screws in myself!”

Chang You was instantly motivated.

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Pei Qian leaned back on his chair when he got back to his office, feeling miserable.

Really terrible!

He might have thought of remedies, but the success at OTTO’s conference gave Boss Pei a heavy blow, making him very uncomfortable. He switched on his computer and went onto the forums.

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He saw yet another nightmare.

That puzzle had been solved by the player!


This string of password might not look like there is any pattern to it, but it was actually a natural code for double pinyin.

Double pinyin was a special type of pinyin typing. Assign the vowels of the Chinese characters to the keys. This way, each Chinese character could be spelled out by pressing only two keys.

For example, if ‘F’ represented the vowel ‘en’, then typing ‘FF’ in the double pinyin input method would be equivalent to spelling out ‘Fen’.