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How to make money online hook

And when I knocked on the door in front of me,

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「…Come in.」

After a short pause, the president replied.

It was a little strange, unlike the usual bright voice.

「-Excuse me.」

Although I felt something was out of place, I opened the door slowly. The whole room was filled with darkness.

The lights were turned off and curtains were pulled shut.

And at the far end of this dark, large room – the president was sitting all alone.

Secretary Lilim-senpai, and Accountant Ferris-senpai, were nowhere to be found.

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「What’s wrong, president…? I’ll turn on the lights for the time being, alright?」

When I turned on the lights,

「Nee, Allen… I have something to tell… will you listen?」

The president slowly rose from her chair and came up to me.

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「Y-Yes… what might it be?」

No matter how I looked, she was not normal.