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“Eh? Director Zhu has sent his plot overview over!”

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Wang Xiaobin quickly downloaded the document.

The plot overview was the framework for Ocean Stronghold’s downloadable content and not the story outline for Destiny and Choice.

In fact, the story outline for Destiny and Choice was not yet complete or clear.

Still, Wang Xiaobin couldn’t care less about it at this point. For now, he had enough work on his hands.

After opening the document, Wang Xiaobin realized that it was not merely a plot overview—it also contained simple sketches including the Zergs that one would come across in the game, the looks of characters in the games, weapons and equipment, and so on.

Although the game would be played from a first-person perspective and one would not be able to see the protagonist’s face, they would be able to see how other players looked.

Just like in other movies or games, these characters would be dressed in special combat uniforms which were high-tech armors.

It was just that they were different from heavy combat uniforms, which were three meters long and weighed half a ton. These combat uniforms were slim and light.

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According to the description of the sketches, such combat uniforms were to be called ‘Skylark III Combat Uniforms’. They would be powered by miniature fusion reactors on the chests, which could charge the combat rifles in their hands. There would also be jet ports on the back to dissipate heat and support ultra-short-distance flights within a short time.

At the same time, human soldiers had undergone physical, chemical, genetic, and other means to strengthen their bodies, speed up their reaction time, increase their strength, and improve their vision. Although only a few human soldiers would persist, they would gain the ability to control their Skylark combat uniforms in this manner.

On top of the fact that they were light and capable of short-distance flight, the combat uniforms would be named ‘Skylark’ for another important reason: finches were the natural enemies of Zergs.

The combat uniforms would have recoil counteracting devices on the arms and gravity devices on the legs. The weapon would be a special rifle that individual soldiers could carry, which had dual propulsion of gunpowder and magnetic tracks.

The helmet would have an integrated system with functions such as instant communication, infrared detection, terrain navigation, ballistic calculation, condition monitoring, artificial intelligence, and so on.

Although the rifles would be extremely powerful and have an extremely high fire rate, the ‘anti-recoil’ effect could be achieved quickly once soldiers turned the recoil counteracting devices on the hand. The gravity devices on the legs would also enable soldiers to stand firm on any flat surface.

In other words, every soldier wearing the Skylark combat uniform would be able to climb walls, see over a certain range, avoid recoil effects, aim, and fly short-distance.

The soldiers’ battlefield data would be uploaded in real-time, and the massive amounts of data would be processed and analyzed by the artificial intelligence, which could then command the soldiers’ actions.

That meant that the artificial intelligence would be able to answer most combat-related questions raised by soldiers at any time and guide their actions.

Of course, communications within small teams could be retained, and team members would be allowed to react according to the situation in front of them.