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“However, between Shiratori-kun and his friends, none of them have made a decision yet. It seems fair to assume that Class A and Class C were unable to reach an agreement on how many points they would offer them. Either way, the 500,000 point offer they presented to us is far too expensive no matter how you look at it.”

Even asking for 200,000 points would be unreasonably high, given that the reward was only 100,000 points for the top five pairs and 10,000 points for the top 30%!<(MISSING)/p>

“It makes you wonder how many points Hashimoto-kun and the others offered them, doesn’t it?”

“Who knows. I’d guess that it was probably nowhere near 500,000.”

It was impossible to know unless you were somebody who was actually involved in the negotiations.

“I’d put forward that there wasn’t that much of a difference in the number offered by the two classes. No, if anything, I’d say that Class A’s offers have probably been smaller.”

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She had most likely deduced this by keeping tabs on the OAA app up until this morning.

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Between the two classes, Class 2-C had more students who had decided on their partners.

“Class A naturally has the advantage over Class C in terms of brand value. Unless there’s a noteworthy difference in the number of points they’re offering, more people would end up choosing Class A. From all of this, we can conclude that Class A is looking to appeal to first-years by coupling points together with their value as a class. Whereas Class C, on the other hand, is trying to muscle their way through with more points since they lose out in terms of brand value.”

I lightly nodded along in agreement.

“Ryūen-kun’s thought process here is a bit strange as well, don’t you think? In this exam, drawing the top performers over to your side is fundamentally essential if you want to win. However, that means that Class C will have no choice but to compete financially with Class A. If they play that money game with each other, Class C certainly wouldn’t stand a chance. If anything, it seems reckless for them to aim for first place overall.”

Even though Ryūen had said something about using threats to get the first-years to pair up with his class, there was no doubt that, as of right now, this was a competition that he had slim chances of winning.

“They should go after students who don’t overlap with Class A, even if it means lowering the bar a little bit.”

It’d be much safer for them to go after second place overall. Going after the students with a B- or C+ rating would be more than enough for that.